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Using Compatible Ink Cartridges

Using compatible printer cartridges should produce the same results as original ink cartridges, however there a few rules or hints that will give you better results.

Always use compatible ink cartridges together with no originals in the printer. This is because original cartridges and compatible cartridges may contain different formulations of ink, each designed to be used together like for like. Therefore mixing them may produce variations in colour and quality and in some cases clogging of the inkjets. If you have mixed them together you need to make sure that you remove all originals and replace with all compatibles or all originals then run the cleaning program a couple of times to clear ink that still remains in the inkjets and recharge them with fresh ink. After this has been done quality should return.

Another consequence of mixing compatible cartridges and original cartridges is that the chips on the cartridges may differ and may cause conflict, resulting in the compatible cartridges not being recognised or the dreaded 'Big Red Cross'.

Epson, Brother, Xerox and some Canon printers are all capable of taking compatible ink cartridges, however with some of these manufacturers printers, Epson especially, when you fit compatible cartridges you may get a message box on your screen saying this is not an original cartridge. No not worry, it does not mean that it will not work, it is just another way that the printer manufacturer has to try to make you use their original cartridges.

By law they are not allowed to insist on this and you are allowed to use an alternative, provided it does not infringe their copywrite. Most compatible cartridges are manufactured within this framework and do not infringe this copywriter and state clearly that they are not an OEM product. Therefore you are entitled to use them without voiding any printer warranties. So when the message appears saying that this is not an original cartridge there should be another message saying 'do you wish to continue?', simply click 'yes' and proceed to print.

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